Jurficon LLC – legal services in Russia and around the world


The law firm Jurficon LLC has been on the legal market for 15 years.

Jurficon LLC provides qualified legal and financial consulting services to businesses in the spheres of commerce and project management, in the field of city planning and real estate turnover, use of land and other natural resources, investments in capital construction, planning, use and development of land.

Additionally, we are ready to help our clients almost in all spheres of civil and criminal law.

Wide experience of our company in resolving court disputes allows us to succeed in Courts with complex cases requiring extraordinary approach. Our company has a large number of trial victories in civil and criminal courts. Success was often achieved in cases that had been considered hopeless. It is worth pointing that Jurficon specialists have pleaded and succeeded in the highest judicial institutions: The Supreme Court of Arbitration of Russian Federation, The Supreme Court of Russian Federation and the Constitutional Court of Russia.

In pursuit of altimate client satisfaction, Jurficon company doesn’t shy away from challenges and changes ready to reorganize structure of its organizational functions if required. Thus, after the land legislation reform Jurficon created a department responsible for the surveying, cadastral and cartographical activity. Recently an autonomous subdivision for city planning maintenance has been created.

Since April, 2016 Jurficon LLC has started to provide its clients with new legal services that cover foreign affairs. We provide effective protection of the interests of Russian and foreign companies abroad. Additionally, we are ready to present qualified legal support in cases, when the interests of our clients spread among several foreign states. These services are provided within the framework of the international group of independent law firms BALMS GROUP INTERNATIONAL (BGI). This group represents a network of autonomous legal offices; each of them provides services on the territory of the relevant country. BGI members unite their efforts to coordinated work with their clients all over the world. Nowadays, under the auspices of BGI, our company provides legal service in Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

We consider the following elements as the principal criteria of the prosperity: adaptating to the client’s needs and tasks, collaborating and communicating fast with the client using the “language” of his business, implementation of comrehensive approach in the client communication, the development of in-depth professional sector knowledge, openness towards new projects and permanent qualitative improvement of our work.

Currently our company’s staff includes 25 people. All our employees are qualified specialists, possessing both a wide scope of theoretical knowledge, as well as an extensive background in enforcement practice.

We are glad to welcome all the clients of our company, who expect dynamic and professional business development in the modern legal framework.