Balms Group International (BGI)


Balms Group International (BGI) is the first international organization of independent law firms of medium size and international orientation, a network designed to ensure the best possible service for its customers anywhere in the world.

The foundation of BGI took place in 1996 when an international organization unified two independent law firms from Spain and United Kingdom, Balms Abogados and Black & Graf Co. Nowadays under the auspices of BGI there are law firms Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

Among the growing business globalization, the satisfaction of clients’ needs on the international scale becomes an important challenge.

BGI is based on the following principles:

  • Member firms are of medium size.
  • BGI offers comprehensive and personalized service to our customers.
  • BGI provides a legal advisory service within the field of international law, involving both co-member firms from different jurisdictions on the same case and referrals to members in another jurisdiction or country.
  • The unique way of conceiving and understanding the practice of law and legal services.
  • The internationally-orientated business attitude and vision.